Cost efficient ways to work with large diameter tubing

Cost efficient ways to work with large diameter tubing…

Many operators are looking for economical ways to work with larger tubing … 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch … even 6 inch and larger!  Maybe they have done work using purchased pre-bent components, or farmed out all the larger portions of the job.  Maybe they even looked at the price of a large mandrel bender (Wow!). If they survived that cardiac-test, they concluded the need for a cost efficient way to do things themselves.


You might be surprised how much work can be accomplished and how much you can save with an expander making large size expansions to connect your larger OD systems.

So how do you do it?  You can buy the large diameter elbows at economical prices from many fine sources, and then use the expander to create the connection to whatever size tubing you are working with. It is just that easy!

Our 1674 dual headed expander comes with 2 standard cylinders, one that can handle up to 6 inch expansions. We also have a cylinder upgrade for our benders that allows you to get this 6″ expander cylinder added to it.

If you really need to “go big”, we now have the 1674V (V for vertical, with the cylinders mounted vertically). This orientation has two benefits. The first, many fabricators like working this way, in essence using gravity to hold the part against the expander head. The second benefit is that you can use larger segment sets, and get wider expansions. We have customers expanding to 12 inches this way!

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