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There are many places where, after you purchase an item and you have a question, you are left speaking to a voicemail support system or an impatient tech who really doesn’t care as the sale has already been made. As you will soon experience, exceptional customer service and communication are our ultimate goals. Ask any of our past customers and you will hear the same thing, over and over.

Companies don’t earn loyal customers like that without keeping their word.

“Miles Automotive Equipment promises to always provide you with quality equipment at a fair price, but to always be available to you, long after the sale has been completed.”

That is how we earn not only your business, but your friendship.

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“Hey I just wanted to say that if you ever need a referral or someone to vouch for you, please feel free to give out my email and I will put in a good word. It's very hard these days to find good people who actually 'care', and you should.. [more]”
Pat P - Kustom Flames